Gered Mankowitz

Gered Mankowitz was born in London in 1946. The first son of the author and screenwriter Wolf Mankowitz and the psychotherapist Ann Mankowitz, he left school at age 15 without any academic qualifications. He then served a short but intensive apprenticeship at Camera Press Ltd., having been inspired to pursue photography by the actor Peter Sellers.

Gered established his first studio in Mason’s Yard in 1963, in what was to become the very heart of swinging 60s London. He met and photographed Marianne Faithfull in 1964, who was managed by the mercurial Andrew Loog Oldham, also manager of The Rolling Stones. Gered began working with the Stones in 1965; he toured America with them and produced several of their album covers. In early 1967 he worked with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, producing, during two sessions at his Mason’s Yard studio, images of Jimi that would go on to become some of the most iconic and widely-known portraits of the great musician.

 Over the past 50 plus years, Gered has continued to work in the music business. He also contributes to many leading magazines, and has taken prizewinning images for the advertising industry. He is currently concentrating on exhibitions and publishing books of his work, as well as producing and selling prints in galleries all over the world. In 2016, Gered was awarded the distinction of Fellowship by the The Royal Photographic Society, and has lectured at University College Falmouth. He is based in Cornwall.

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