Iconic Spotlight : Liza Minnelli, by Eva Sereny

Liza Minnelli

A Matter of Time, which was shot in Rome, was the first, and only, time I worked with Liza Minnelli and her father, the great director Vincente Minnelli. Released in 1976, A Matter of Time starred Minnelli along with legendary actress Ingrid Bergman. Perhaps as a nod to his own father/daughter working relationship, Vincente cast a small part for Isabella Rossellini, Bergman’s daughter, in her first film role. I got a last-minute call from a publicist one day: would I please help him out and photograph Liza Minnelli that same evening when she would be working in a night scene. I was only there on the set for a few hours while Liza was working that particular night. Unfortunately, all the other actors were not on call. So, I was just focusing on Liza in front of the very dimly lit Roman Forum. This film would be Vincente Minnelli’s last; how fitting that it was with his daughter.

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