‘The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones’ – Photographs by Terry O’Neill & Gered Mankowitz

La Térmica, Malaga, Spain

10th November 2017 - 18th March 2018

The Early Stones

The exhibition “The Beatles Vs. The Rolling Stones, “curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz, curated by Terry O’Neill and Gered Mankowitz. Both British photographers are considered to be great contemporary photographers whose success was forged in the 60s in London, witnessing how this city became the world capital of culture and youth fashion. The exhibition gathers mainly images of the beginnings of the two mythical groups, although it also gathers some snapshots of the later works of O’Neill and Mankowitz.

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Iconic Spotlight : George Harrison, by Terry O’Neill

George Harrison

“My career, in many ways, started with The Beatles. They were young, I was young, and the world was young. You have to remember that back in the early 1960s, we didn’t have to automatically enlist in the National Service. So a whole new generation of kids suddenly had their worlds open up for them. And in London, the town was filled with musicians, artists, models, filmmakers, writers—you name it. I was lucky to be there.

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Iconic Spotlight : Tim Buckley, by Ed Caraeff

As a photographer, one of the best gigs you could get was shooting an album cover.  And over his career as a photographer and art director, Ed Caraeff’s work has been featured on several notable records, including Iggy & the Stooges ‘Fun House’, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band’s ‘Trout Mask’, ‘Closing Time’ by Tom Waits and Carly Simon’s ‘No Secrets.’

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