On this World Photography Day we talk to celebrity photographer, Greg Brennan about the tools of his trade.

"My first camera was a Minolta Maxxum 7000, given to me by my father who had once used it to document his travels around Europe in the 80s. 

As a teen I used to rummage through boxes of old prints he shot, marvelling at the craftsmanship present in every grain of every print and letting the sharp scent of the chemicals intrude my nostrils. To this day, I keep that camera at home, stored away like an ancient relic. 

When I moved to London and decided that I would start a career in photography, I bought my first Canon camera - a Canon EOS-1. Although it was slow for press photography at a meagre two frames per second, I grew to love it and remember the camera well. 

Eventually, as I delved deeper into photography, I upgraded to my favourite camera of all time - the Canon EOS 1V. This camera was like a machine gun at 10 frames per second, and could eat a roll of film in a matter of seconds. I used this camera for many years and still occasionally use it today. 

I was a late customer of the digital world but finally gave in by 2010, and the current model that I use relentlessly is my Canon 1D MK 4. Canon always has been and always will be my preferred camera manufacturers, and as I move into the mirror-less range, I will always remember one thing - I shot The Queen with their camera."

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