Harrison Ford, by James Clarke

The actor Harrison Ford turns 80 on July 13th. What makes a movie star, then? What makes that image and persona stay with a viewer far beyond the movie itself? It’s not as ineffable as we sometimes might think. We can define aspects of the movie star’s screen presence that stay with us. With Harrison … Read the full article

Celebrating 75 Years of David Bowie!

CELEBRATE 75 YEARS OF DAVID BOWIE WITH TWO LIMITED-TIME POP-UP EXPERIENCES BEGINNING OCTOBER 25, 2021 LONDON – 14 HEDDON STREET NEW YORK CITY – 150 WOOSTER STREET The David Bowie Estate launches Bowie 75, a year-long celebration marking David Bowie’s 75th birthday, with the opening of two curated experiential pop-up shops—one at the site of … Read the full article