Iconic Spotlight : The Deep, by Eva Sereny

Nick Nolte

This is from The Deep, a film starring Jacqueline Bissett and Nick Nolte and directed by Peter Yates. This was one of Nolte’s earliest movies. I’ve no idea how I got the assignment. However, I am sure I eagerly accepted it. It was going to be shot in Bermuda and my close friend Jacky was starring in it. It was very much a fun shoot as you can see by Nick Nolte’s sand sculpture of Bisset and his appreciation of her. The location fulfilled ones’ expectation: blue skies, solitary beaches, and a transparent blue/green ocean.

One of Jacky’s successful publicity photos was when she was wearing a see-through wet cotton tee-shirt! In this case not having the photo you can only use your imagination.

When we had a free moment, I was asked by the scuba diver-coach who was on the set to coach the actors for specific scenes, if I would like to have a go. I thought about it for a moment and said yes. I had never practised this sport. So first he took me into a swimming pool where I practised breathing. Finally, we went with a little boat out into the ocean jumped backwards into the water, very professionally. The view under the water was magnificent–but I started getting the most horrible pains in my sinuses and headaches. The lesson I learnt: never again will I scuba dive.

Extract taken from ‘Through Her Lens: The Stories Behind the Photography of Eva Sereny’, available at the Iconic Images Store.

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