Iconic Spotlight : David Bowie, by Justin de Villeneuve

This week Iconic Images takes a look at the iconic "Pin-Ups" photoshoot, captured by Justin de Villeneuve.

"Twiggy and I were staying in the Bel-Air Hotel in LA when Peter Frampton visited us. He’d brought along a copy of Aladdin Sane by this wonderful new artist David Bowie. One of Bowie’s lyrics included ‘Twig the Wonder Kid’. Apparently, he was a fan. When we arrived back in London, we met up with David and he mentioned he’d love to be on the cover of Vogue! I then spent a few weeks persuading Bea Miller (editor) that it would be great to have David and Twiggy on a Vogue cover. She eventually agreed."


"Twiggy and I flew to Paris where David was recording his new album, Pin Ups, and I booked a studio to take the portrait. When T & B sat in front of me, I realised we had a problem. Twiggy and myself had just returned from the Bahamas and she had a dark tan. David was as white as a ghost. They looked weird together. The problem was resolved when the make-up artist Pierre LaRoche and myself decided to draw masks on their faces of the same colours. It was only when I looked through the lens viewfinder that I noticed Bowie’s eyes were different. All the times I’d met him before and I had never noticed! When I showed David the polaroid of the portrait, he loved it and asked if he could have it as the cover of his new album. I replied, “But this is a special commission for Vogue.” Then I asked him how many albums he thought he would sell. “A million,” he replied. I realised Vogue would sell about 80,000 copies, which would soon be forgotten so I agreed David could use it as his next album cover. Vogue never spoke to me again!"

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