Iconic Picks : Spielberg, Harrison & Lucas, by James Clarke

“What I have always loved about this photograph (which I first saw in print in Premiere movie magazine way back in the summer of 1989) is how it captures a filmmaking team that so defined American genre moviemaking in the era in which I was growing up. This photograph of Harrison Ford (fedora on and ready to scramble into action as Indiana Jones) flanked by director Steven Spielberg and producer (and creator of Indy) George Lucas, captures an evident warmth between them that speaks to their longstanding connection. In various combinations, they had been working together since the early 1970s. Terry O’Neill’s photograph is so simply arranged and speaks to the acknowledged rapport that he had with his subjects. There’s such a tangible sense of ease in the image and, for me, it’s a picture that also serves as a marker in my own life: by the late 1980s I knew that I would be hooked on movies for evermore and the work of these three filmmakers , and indeed , the work of Terry O’Neill, had done so much by then to fuel my movie-love.” – James Clarke,

This iconic photograph by Terry O’Neill is available to purchase as a limited edition, fine-art print with Iconic Images.

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