#FineArtFriday – David Bowie and Jumping Dog, by Terry O’Neill

Terry O’Neill’s “David Bowie/The Jumping Dog” photograph is widely recognised as one of the most iconic rock’n’roll images of all time.  But this singular image was not planned.  As Terry remembers:

“After working with David and his team at The Marquee Club, where I was asked to come take photos while they were filming ‘The 1984 Floor Show’ for American television, I was called upon to take some publicity shots for his new album.

“The album I was doing shots for was going to be called “Diamond Dogs’, so to no surprise, the photo session was going to include David with a dog – I don’t think I realized what size that dog was going to be!    When David took his seat – he stretched out – and the dog was posed next to him.  However, every time the camera lights would flash – the dog would start barking.  Then, after the flash, it started to jump at the light!   I think everyone in that studio was a bit nervous – but I was hidden behind the camera and David, well, he just sat there – completely motionless.”

The world renowned photograph of David Bowie is available from 12×16 to 48×72 hand signed and numbered by Terry O’Neill. For more information contact jackie@iconicimages.net or visit our Fine Art Prints Page.

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