#FineArtFriday – Audrey Hepburn, by Terry O’Neill

Hepburn With Dove

In the mid 1960’s, Terry O’Neill started to work on more and more movie sets. “I really enjoyed working on the sets. Photos were used by the film PR companies to help promote, and in those days, there were several international magazines who reprinted the photos, as well as scores of newspapers world-wide.  Plus, it was an opportunity to work with some of the biggest stars around.  It was on the sets that I met legends like Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Brigitte Bardot and so on.  So when the call came to ask if I wanted to go down to the South of France to work on the new film starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn, well, how do you say no to that?”

The film was called ‘Two for the Road’ and I was shooting some portraits of Audrey when this dove just landed on her shoulder.  She stood as still as could be to allow me to get a few frames before the bird flew-off.  She really knew how to work with a camera, with a photographer.  Anyone else would have moved right way, but Audrey understood what makes a great image.  She was a wonderful person to work with, a real star. “

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