#FineArtFriday – The Art of Travel II, by Norman Parkinson

In a photoshoot for Vogue for their May 1951 issue, famed photographer Norman Parkinson took his wife, and favourite muse, Wenda on-location to Nairobi. While there, they captured one of Parkinson’s most notable images that he titled “Art of Travel”. In this newly released frame from the famed session, Wenda looks off in to the distance, as she waits for the plane to be repaired. Travelling by plane in the 1950s was still a very new experience for most people, and magazines such as Vogue were eager to capture the elegance and romance of this new method of seeing the world. Parkinson was one of the first fashion photographers to take models out of stuffy confines of the traditional studio and place fashion outdoors – whether that be on the streets of a big city, or in this case, in the remote fields of Nairobi.

This posthumous, limited edition fine art print is available to purchase with Iconic Images in sizes 16×20 and 20×24 inches, printed on silver gelatin.

Available limited to just 21 editions and estate stamped.

Contact sam@iconicimages.net for more information quoting ‘Art of Travel II’.

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