EXHIBITION : Through the Eyes of Others by Micky Hoogendijk

The Iconic Images Gallery, 13a Park Walk, Chelsea, London, SW10 0AJ

14th September 2018 - 10th October 2018

THROUGH THE OTHERS OF OTHERS, I SEE ME: a new series of photographic images by celebrated visual artist and Dutch photographer, Micky Hoogendijk.

The exhibition will hang at Chelsea’s Iconic Images Gallery, 13a Park Walk, and SW10 OAJ, opening to the public on Friday 14th and hanging till 10th October.

Hanging alongside Luminous, esoteric depictions of the male and female naked form will be classical female portraits that echo the Dutch masters, Vermeer and Rembrandt. Blending visual arts, technology and theatre through recurring themes of religion, androgyny and mythology, the viewer is invited to share the concealed vulnerability of each subject.

Says Micky Hoogendijk,

“My nude images attempt to create the sense of freedom and integrity that comes with the essence of the naked form. My portraits are a study of the feminine; women’s capacity for emotional depth and the masks behind which they present themselves to the world. 

As a young girl, Micky Hoogendijk spent many hours in the painting workshop of her father, the painter Roelof Frankot, who began as a photographer before moving his focus to abstract art.

In 2009, Micky Hoogendijk received a last gift from her ailing mother: a professional still camera. The gift would change her career forever. Two months later, her mother passed away, and Micky moved to San Francisco, where she discovered the majestic lines and architecture of the city through the eye of the camera. By 2010, living and working again in Los Angeles, Micky Hoogendijk discovered her gift for artistic portraits. Nurtured by the life of the international art world and memories of the Old Dutch masters, Micky Hoogendijk takes the beholder on a journey into her universe.

Micky Hoogendijk (born, 1970) currently lives and works alternatively in Los Angeles and Holland. In 2017 the artist launched her first book ’Through the Eyes of Others', followed by museum exhibitions in the Netherlands and Mexico. She is represented by different galleries around the globe.  Her work has been showcased in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Istanbul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Bogota, Mexico City, Vancouver, Toronto, Santa Fe NM, NYC, Austin and Houston.

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