COMPETITION : WIN a copy of ‘They Must Fall’ by Michael Brennan

This month, Iconic Images and Michael Brennan are giving away a copy of the new publication "THEY MUST FALL : Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought.

"Now a book by Michael Brennan, an English photographer, breathes renewed life into a man who remains the most photogenic of sports stars. Millions of words have been written about him, but each of Brennan's pictures paints a thousand more." --Rick Broadbent, The Times

They Must Fall: Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought features powerful and often moving images and stories of Muhammad Ali and the men he fought in the ring, by award-winning photographer Michael Brennan.
“Around 1978, I had been in Houston, Texas photographing former Ali opponent George Foreman who had then reinvented himself as a roadside preacher. On the plane back to NYC, I thought, ‘If that’s what George is doing, I wonder what the rest of his opponents are up to?’ I set out to track down as many of the old guys as I could find.”

Brennan spent decades locating Ali’s former opponents to discover what had become of them. This unique book is a look through Brennan’s remarkable archive, containing numerous never-before- seen photos plus poignant stories illuminating the images and contextualising Ali’s powerful role in the world of sport. Includes a special introductory essay by the late, great Jimmy Breslin.
“Michael Brennan’s iconic 1977 portrait photograph of Muhammad Ali captures something far bigger and deeper than just the beautiful face of a beautiful man. It is a detailed map of the personal journey of one whose incomparable talents and audacity caused literati to swoon, taught a generation to question authority, and ultimately altered the path of a society which had never before seen a man exactly like him. To look at him the way he was then is to remember, with joy and sorrow, who we all once were.” - Jim Lampley, discussing the cover image (Boxing commentator, HBO Sports)

One lucky winner will be announced drawn at random and contacted via e-mail on Monday January 4th 2020.

Looking for something special?

Iconic Images offer a deluxe bundle of the book and a SIGNED print available exclusively on the Iconic Images Store.

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