Licensing & merchandising

Iconic people by iconic photographers

Within our archive, we hold over 1m negatives capturing more than five decades of rock ‘n’ roll, film, fashion, fame and celebrity.

Iconic Images has negotiated image rights to legends David Bowie, Faye Dunaway, Marianne Faithful, Raquel Welch, Sir Roger Moore, Honor Blackman, the ‘electric ladies’ of the famed Groupies era and rights cleared images from vintage festivals including the memorable crowds who gathered at the historic Summer of Love, Woodstock and Altamont along with stunning aerial photography of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge and more.

In 2014, these photographers' archives were opened for licensing and merchandising opportunities for the very first time. The Iconic Images archive grows daily with new images and we are aggressively pursuing other brand-name celebrities to add to our already a-list mix of approved image licensing offerings.


Alexis Venn, Director, Merchandise and Licensing

Alexis has worked with the biggest names in the industry for 15 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, insight and common sense to an arena that has grown increasingly challenging with new EU legislation and privacy laws constantly changing the landscape.