Groupies and Other Electric Ladies

Groupies and Other Electric Ladies




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‘ …style and fashion mattered greatly, were central to their presentation, and I became fascinated with them I discovered what I believed was a subculture of chic and I thought it merited a story.’ – Baron Wolman

The 1960s witnessed a huge cultural revolution. Music was at the heart of a new generation’s rallying cry for love, peace and harmony – from small clubs to giant festivals like Woodstock. With men predictably dominating as musicians and performers, the women and girls backstage started to explore their own forms of liberation and self-expression. They became better known as the Groupies – offering their allegiance to the music, and the artists who made it. On February 15, 1969

Rolling Stone magazine released a Special Super-Duper Neat Issue called ‘THE GROUPIES and Other Girls’ featuring the work of their chief photographer, Baron Wolman. It would turn out to be a sensational milestone, making instant celebrities of the women featured. With this single issue, the Groupies had arrived.

Now, over 45 years later, ACC and Iconic Images are proud to publish the photographs of Baron Wolman in a single volume. Groupies and Other Electric Ladies features more than 150 images, including previously unseen out-takes and contact sheets, and comes complete with the original Rolling Stone text, as well as interviews with several of the women today.

  • Now in laminated paper board the acclaimed book Groupies & Other Electric Ladies by iconic photographer Baron Wolman, with photographs taken for the February 1969 ‘Special Super-Duper Neat Issue’ of Rolling Stone
  • Key images from a time of explosive revolution in music and culture – featuring Pamela des Barres, Catherine James, Sally Mann, Cynthia Plaster Caster and many more
  • The original chronicle of the women who became deeply influential style icons, integral to the worlds of musicians like Frank Zappa, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper, The Who and Gram Parsons
  • Featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Guardian and New Yorker magazine
  • Voted one of the Best photo books of the year by the New York Post


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