Peter Shillingford

Peter Shillingford is a writer, producer, director and cinematographer in a career than has spanned more than sixty years.  He has worked on several major feature films, 3-D, short films, documentaries, commercials and large format IMAX motion pictures.  He was the line producer for the Academy Award-winning documentary Genocide, which was narrated by Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor.
In 1968, Shillingford was invited to a private, all-night video session of the Rolling Stones filming “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” at a studio in Barnes, West London. The next day, feeling a bit worse for wear, Shillingford joined the cast and crew and travelled to London’s Hampstead Heath to shoot parts of the band’s hit “Child of the Moon”. Shillingford managed to photograph some unique images of the band at work and these unique stills catch he band in both relaxed and working posts.

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