Iconic Spotlight : Woodstock, by Baron Wolman

This week Iconic Images talk to Baron Wolman about his experience at Woodstock.

“When I finally arrived at the Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY (60 miles from the actual town of Woodstock), a huge crowd had already formed. I couldn’t believe my eyes – I had never seen so many people in one place. Somewhat later, after the number of people had swelled to over 300,000, I photographed them from the stage. Unfortunately, my 24mm lens wasn’t nearly wide enough to include everybody.

“I call this image “300,000 strong,” obliquely referring to the Joni Mitchell lyrics, “By the time we got to Woodstock, We were half a million strong. And everywhere there was song and celebration.”

300,000 Strong

“Indeed, there was “song and celebration,” from Friday, through Saturday and Sunday, and into the early morning hours of Monday, when Jimi Hendrix finally performed. (He absolutely insisted he play the final set at Woodstock – it was written into his contract.)

“Woodstock demonstrated the counterculture’s promise of how peaceful our world could be, how we could all get along, a sixties dream that came true, if only for three days…”

See more from Baron Wolman’s iconic ‘Woodstock’ photography : https://iconicimages.net/archive/tag/woodstock/

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