Iconic Spotlight : Raquel Welch, by Eva Sereny

"I am quite sure that if Raquel Welch ever happens to read this, she won’t remember what happened the first time we met. I was in Nice – where there is a film studio – working on Truffaut’s Day for Night. I received a call from Warner Bros. to go over to the set where Herbert Ross, the director, was shooting The Last of Sheila and to ask him when it would be convenient for me to take some pictures of the lead actress in the film, Raquel Welch. Ross, who was very agreeable, gave me a time and day when Raquel would be on set.

On the agreed upon time and day, I arrived on set. I had a few words with Herb Ross who told me to go ahead and shoot when I wanted. I was in the background and I think the actors were just rehearsing. So, I took the opportunity and started to shoot with my long lens. Raquel looks in my direction and starts shouting “Who’s that taking pictures?” Herb Ross immediately steps in and tries to calm her down, explaining who I was and why I was there. But even Herb’s explanation didn’t convince Raquel.

Herb then looks over to me shaking his head. “I’m terribly sorry, Eva, but I have to ask you to leave.” So, it was with some hesitancy that I accepted the assignment to work with her again. I just hoped and prayed she wouldn’t recognise or remember me as I played out the same scenario as I had with Bogarde. Just pretend it never happened!

From the moment we met again, everything was perfect. And we’ve had a great working relationship ever since! She’s a fantastic person. We have done some great work together – and I really do like her a lot!"

Extract taken from "Through Her Lens" by Eva Sereny. Available to purchase Amazon and all good book store.

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