Iconic Spotlight : Always, starring Audrey Hepburn, by Eva Sereny

Audrey Hepburn

“I’ve been working with Frank Marshall for some time he is one of Spielberg’s top producers. He called me one day while I was in the States and asked if I would like to come to Montana to work a few weeks on Steven’s new film, a romantic comedy called Always that he was directing, and that Audrey Hepburn was in the cast playing the part of God. That was indeed an unexpected plus.

When I met her for the first time she was not the bubbly young girl that I remembered from the movies. Standing in front of me was a beautiful softly spoken woman of a certain age with the warmest of smiles and a magical aura around her. A very special lady. All I can add is that I was so lucky to have had the opportunity of shooting images of one of the great icons and I do hope that I have done her justice. Unfortunately, this was her last movie.

Only recently I learnt that the Americans consider Montana as being a strange State. Perhaps this little story sums up this legend.

The production rented a car for me so that I could drive to the set in the morning and be independent. I was used to driving in Europe on the left. One morning I was racing (so to speak) along the empty roads to get to the location early and I was pulled over by the police! The officer told me I was speeding. I was going about 30mph. I pointed to the speed limit across the road it showed 40mph. He explained that was for the other side of the road – and this side was different. Well that I consider a bit odd. I immediately paid the ticket. I didn’t want to cope with further oddities.” – Eva Sereny


Extract taken from Eva’s new book ‘Through her Lens‘ available from the Iconic Store.


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