Iconic Images welcomes the Duffy archive

David Bowie

In the late seventies Duffy stopped taking stills and moved onto commercials, never to return to the stills camera again. In the following years Duffy became reclusive and refused to give interviews or talk about his time at the top as a photographer. During the 90’s Duffy’s son Chris became frustrated that Duffy’s name was slowly … Read the full article

Iconic Images welcomes Jerry Schatzberg to the archive.

Faye Dunaway

For more than 50 years filmmaker and photographer Jerry Schatzberg has captured the portraits of some of the world’s most important icons including Bob Dylan, Steven McQueen, Andy Warhol, and Fidel Castro. His work has been published in Vogue, Esquire and Life and exhibited world-wide. Schatzberg’s films include: ‘The Panic in Needle Park’, starring Al … Read the full article

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